What we're about

We’re a support group for anyone who is on a path of holistic health and healing.

When we say “holistic” we’re talking about all levels of health including; physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. You are welcome here if you are primarily viewing your health on the physical level, but this group is actually far broader than that. Our perspective is that health challenges are one part of a journey of inner growth and transformation.

In the words of Jeff Foster "Great healing begins when we align with the universe exactly as it is, yet hold in our hearts the way we know it can be, and we simply stop comparing the two." That sentence summarizes the intent of the group more than anything else could.

We Have Three Group Goals & Intentions:
1. Share our own stories of growth and healing
2. Support each other with practical suggestions and examples
3. Challenge each other with new perspectives

These goals will also make up the three parts of the typical meeting including; a personal sharing of growth and healing, a demo of a device or support and a discussion of related topics.

Our Group Values the Following:
• Focusing on support of all kinds

• Empowering our members and our instincts

• Welcoming all perspectives and topics

• Exploring the unlimited possibilities

• Providing a marketing free zone

This group will focus on support rather than challenges. Words, thoughts and beliefs have enormous power. One of the best examples of that is the work of Dr. Emoto. Focusing on our symptoms, diagnoses and threats can and will bind them to us! So we’ll work with that fact delicately in this group. We won’t stick our head in the sand and ignore symptoms, diagnoses or threats (which is equally harmful). Instead we’ll honor the truth of our challenges, while gently shifting our focus to the supports, growth and gifts that have come from them (the hidden blessings). This is not positive thinking but actual cutting edge science.

This is also an “empowerment zone”. Have you noticed that we often give our power away to other outer “experts”? We often take a person’s credentials as a testament or guarantee of their wisdom and capabilities (at the expense of our own). We’re totally open to having speakers, and sharing resources, with great resumes and “proven success”. But we’re also interested in hearing from the “ordinary people” who have taken back their power and have started trusting and refining their own healing instincts again. Who knows healing better than our own bodies? Maybe direct experience and instinct are of equal or greater value than logic and analysis when it comes to health?

This group welcomes all perspectives and will explore the unlimited possibilities. However, the topics discussed are likely to fall well outside of the realm of western medicine (but not opposed to it). Have you noticed the power of “science” in our world and our thinking? Have you noticed the influences behind the news, the treatments and the products? Science is only as good as the consciousness of the scientist and the funding source behind the study. Therefor many of the topics and approaches that we’ll discuss might be labeled as “alternative” or “unusual”. We’ll explore the cutting edge of these fields and also question it deeply without just believing any marketing hype (which even the best products sometimes have). Some of the topics might include things like subtle energy, quantum physics and spiritual sciences (see below for more). While these may appear to be “non-scientific” at first, we welcome you to examine that belief more deeply with our group.

This group will also provide a “marketing free zone” for members. Are you sick of going to meetings where the presenter is clearly wearing two hats / motives - caring and profit? Money is currently still a necessity in our world, and we respect the need to make a living. But we ask that anyone who presents or discusses anything in the group keep their credentials and product affiliations entirely out of the equation. We’ll certainly share names of good products, and places to buy them. But we ask that members do so in a self-less way without any desire for profits from this group! In cases where the affiliation can be fully transparent, and any profits donated to the group, the group might vote on an exception.

Our meetings will have three parts. First we’ll give one member some time to share their own path of growth and healing. This does not mean that this member is completely healed (if that is even possible) but that they are willing to share some of the blessings and gifts that have come out of their challenges. Secondly we’ll have a demo of a cutting edge device or practice that has helped at least one of the members. And thirdly we’ll discuss a support topic, which is often related to the demo. The topic might be a practice or product that has been helpful to at least one of the members. Meeting topics and presenters will be selected ahead of time. Our goal is not to rehash the common health topics but to really explore holistic health topics that will stretch the limits of our minds and utilize the latest “most conscious” science available. There will be a small fee to cover meeting locations and an optional offering to any presenters.

After joining the group please take time to vote on these topics on the polls page (Menus > More > Polls). This is only meant to be an initial list to give you a sense of the types of topics we will focus on:

• The Optimal Diet For Me – An exploration of the challenge we face selecting what to eat, and the alternatives we have to trying each diet one at a time.
• Healthy Home & Personal Products – We’ll look at everything from kitchen products and personal products to building and home products to find the healthiest.
• Water Purification – A look at the mainstream and alternative methods for water purification, and why this is an important health priority.
• Essential Detox Alternatives – Detox is a term you hear a lot, which is also essential, so we’ll cover some of the best, easiest and cheapest alternatives.
• Subtle Energy & Health – An overview of what subtle energy is, how it impacts our health, and why it is worth exploring.
• Nature’s Energy Remedies – Essential oils, herbs, flower essences and crystals are some of the ways you can get frequencies your body may need.
• Energy Devices & PEMF – An overview of the wide range of energy devices you can buy including their costs, uses and possible benefits.
• EMF & Harmonizing Energy – A quick look at the possible challenges of our modern technologies and some ways to harmonize energy in your home, devices and bodies.
• Transmutation Methods – Energy can be shifted from the harmful to the beneficial in a variety of ways, and we’ll examine some products and methods for doing so.
• Energetic Testing Methods – A quick comparison of muscle testing, sway test, autonomic response testing, traditional dowsing and physical/vibrational dowsing.
• Balancing & Grounding Practices – A look at the wide range of practices and products that might be able to help balance and ground your energy.
• The Power of Our Focus – We’ll explore, from a scientific perspective, the power of words, thoughts and emotions on mater – and how we might harness them for our growth.
• Spiritual Sciences for Health – We’ll look at what are called spiritual sciences to see if they might help support our bodies and our health.

VOTE HERE: https://www.meetup.com/Holistic-Health-Expl...;

The group’s founder, CJ, will primarily act as an organizer and facilitator. His holistic health journey has spanned the last decade, and along the way he has explored all of the above topics including a massive investment in devices, practices and products. To get the group launched, until others are interested in presenting, he has listed these above topics in a group poll (Menus > More > Polls) which will be used to set the first few meetings where he will present. As soon as other members are interested in presenting we’ll use polls to highlight and vote on topics at least a month in advance (not limited to the initial list!). We will initially plan monthly meetings but the frequency will be increased if there is enough interest.

DISCLAIMER – Discussions, information and meetings of this group in no way take the place of medical guidance from a licensed healthcare practitioner. You are responsible for your health and what your trust. We make no claims about the information that may be shared within this group. The term “medicine” appears in many of the popular topics within meetup, selected by this group, but this group does not practice medicine in any form.

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The Power of Focus

CJ's Home

DATE IS UNKNOWN - PARKING THIS HERE - RSVP IF INTERESTED As with all our meetings we’ll split two hours into three parts – sharing, demo and discussion. HEALING SHARED: I’ll share one of my personal stories of healing that has led me to consider my focus as possibly the most powerful thing that I can do for my overall health. In it I’ll share my intense journey of symptoms, diagnoses and efforts to overcome them (including huge investments). I’ll briefly touch upon some cutting edge subtle energy skills and tools that I studied and used. And despite all that, my life was spiraling downward, and a situation involving EMF and modern technologies was the straw that threatened to break me. Out of these challenges I got proof positive in the power of our Focus. SUPPORT DEMO: I’ll share five practical ways we can leverage our focus. Within that I’ll give a brief summary of topics like subtle energy and quantum physics. And I’ll share several methods that you might employ to balance and ground yourself and use your focus as a huge ally in your health. Please note that I will not be advocating positive thinking or the power of intention (although both are fine and can be powerful). SUPPORT DISCUSSION: In the final third of the meeting we’ll discuss these topics together and share our own personal experiences. I welcome us to challenge our limiting beliefs and to question everything as deeply as we can. Let’s take back our power and tune back in to our deepest instincts.

From Victim To Empowered

Needs a location

DATE IS UNKNOWN - PARKING THIS HERE - RSVP IF INTERESTED Sharing + Demo + Discussion: HEALING SHARED: I’ll once again share another key part of my own inner journey of healing. This time I’ll share my personal experience with the victim mentality and how empowerment arrived in my life. Like the two prior stories my path has not included the popular self-empowerment gurus, authors and methods. I came to this organically and I’m not sure there is any other shortcut or method, other than to work with whatever arises in our lives. SUPPORT DEMO: For a topic like this I’ll share one of the systems that has been a key part of my ongoing shift into empowerment. It is a mystical synthesis of lots of esoteric knowledge, but it is very practical and extremely well put together. It is a book and a resource called the Gene Keys. You could say that this is a spiritual science, or astrology or even a teaching of enlightenment. Or you can just check it out and see how it might help you understand and embrace your challenges and hidden gifts. During the season of giving this is one of the most powerful gifts that I can offer to anyone – a gift that can show you your own hidden gifts! For those of you who want to take part in the demo you should visit the following website and print out your hologenetic profile: https://teachings.genekeys.com/free-profile/ It will be hard to do this topic justice in about 40 minute but It’s worth a shot. And for those of you who are interested we’ll also be covering it in my other meetup group in December. SUPPORT DISCUSSION: This discussion will cover anything related to shifting from victim-hood to empowerment. There are probably as many ways to do this as there are people, so all experiences are welcome. And there is no need for this discussion to center around the Gene Keys!

Tuning In To Gratitude

Needs a location

DATE IS UNKNOWN - PARKING THIS HERE - RSVP IF INTERESTED Sharing + Demo + Discussion HEALING SHARED: I’ll share another part of my healing journey that includes the power of authentic gratitude. For me this was a struggle and not something that came easily. And along the way I came to learn a great deal about the toxins that we face in our modern air, water, food, homes and products. To counter that I learned about subtle energy, the power of words, and something called transmutation. But what I came to discover about gratitude blew me away. If I were to ask for one gift it would be gratitude :-) SUPPORT DEMO: Once again this demo will touch upon subtle energy. In this case I’ll demonstrate the power of words, and several methods of transmutation and energy clearing. Related topics are food toxins and water purification. I’ll show how you can go from toxins to trust with one powerful step. As I write this I realize that it sounds sort of like some over-hyped sales pitch. Please know that one of my blessings and challenges is that I am a natural “doubting Thomas”. I welcome you to challenge what I will show and make up your own mind :-) SUPPORT DISCUSSION: In the final segment of the Meetup we’ll discuss these topics, share our own experiences and challenge each other to look deeply and take back our own inherent power.

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