What we're about

Our Purpose: Inspiration/Education/Collaboration

Our Philosophy: We are each responsible for our health and well-being.

Many people struggle to balance Holistic Health with traditional "western" medicine. Our approach is hands-on, Old School Teachings that work. We learned from Mentors and Elders, as well as a traditional medical model.

This Meetup group is for anyone interested in holistic health and wellness, drug-free pain management, and re-defining health "care". There is no shortage of information; the application of information is where the rubber meets the road.

• If you are starting or resuming your journey we want to support you. We distill complex information and dispel medical/alternative myth from truth. You can create a cohesive treatment plan for rehab and wellness.

• If you are a Practitioner, we are building a hybrid community online/in-person where we can share our research/knowledge and create a safe space for traditional and alternative medicine practitioners to explore ideas.

We believe people should leave a Meetup feeling inspired, informed and with a renewed commitment to health and well-being.

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