Holistic Health for the Ascension Process! WORKSHOP with Travis Carper

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Medford Library

205 S Central Ave · Medford, OR

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Carpenter Conference Room

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If your in the Rogue River Valley this is a don't miss seminar packed full of Tools, Techniques and Information on the Ascension Process that you can use on a daily basis! Come and spend 4 hours of uplifting, inspiring and supportive camaraderie where we talk about Holistic Health in this current Ascension Cycle!

Holistic Health for the Ascension Process! WORKSHOP with Travis Carper as seen on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Soundcloud, Onstellar, Quora, Amazon, Academia, is a fascinating dive into Holistic Health and our New Paradigm Shift! How are Bio Field Physiology is influenced by the incoming Photonic Energy Waves (Cosmic Rays, Adamantine Particles, "Air Showers", etc.) and how we can manage this Transmutational Process (Morphogenesis) with better ease!

I will Guide and Coach you with Tools and Techniques in Holistic Health modalities and Multidisciplinary Sciences, which integrate the whole person, to bring about more Wellness, Joy and Truth into your life. The journey through the Ascension Process, or the journey to a Healthier Lifestyle can be enjoyable instead of restrictive!

I use Meditation made easy, Nutrition made simple, Exercise enjoyable, and a bundle of Knowledge to set your Mind and Emotional body Free! I explain the Body, Mind and Spirit Balance in Simple Terms!

$20.00 for Materials and The Space and the Holistic Health Coaching! Wow! This includes a 50 page Handout packed full of Information and Inspiration to help support you on your Journey! PowerPoint presentation as well. A visual aid to help support us in our deeper diving discussion!

Topics include Cognitive Health, Immune System Health, Emotional Health, Nutrition, Epigenetic Health and our Dormant DNA coming back online, Ascension Symptoms, The shift to 4th Density and embodying our 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Higher Selves and Soul Groups, Starseed Activation's and the Kundalini Awakening, etc.

Stay Hydrated with Structured Water (H3O2) my Friends! Honestly don't miss this seminar, I know we will touch upon something that can Support, Inspire and Help you on your Journey! Blessings! Bring a Notebook as well!