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Hello wonderful women!

We are a community who inspire, support and are open to learning and listening with an open heart. A Holistic minded group of women who have been on this journey for a lifetime or just starting out.

We are about everything that brings health, balance, joy and happiness to life. We believe in the power of the mind and holistic healing.

We are judgment free. Our tribe is kind, caring and nurturing.

Our activities are eclectic!! Soap making to spiritual awakenings! Offering life changing to just plain fun meetups!!! There are co-ed activities as well.

Our activities are based on the North Shore.

We are looking forward to meeting you and creating our village!

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Mortality and Me

Mt Toby Friends Meetinghouse

The Ultimate Shavasana ~ 2 hour experiential workshop designed to explore our cultural fears around death and dying. You are invited to join lively conversation about attachment to our bodies (how we care for them and how we feel about leaving them in the end) and share information on end-of-life options. To register for this event you must do so here: https://dina5928.wixsite.com/nedeathcare/events/mortality-me

Community Atlantean Healing Sound, Color and Intention

Kristin Bredimus Spiritual Consultancy

In truth all healing began in Atlantis for before this time there was no illness, in the early Golden Age of Atlantis healing was largely a therapeutic and preventative measure - events more akin to concerts than healing sessions. These were held regularly by the Healer Priests - open to all - in which sacred sound and color in combination with the creation of vibrational fields of power were made manifest for all present to experience and sit within. These vibrational energies maintained the wellness of those subject to them, correcting imbalances, topping up ailing energy fields and clearing blockages well before they could manifest into anything harmful. - Solomon, an Apothecary Skull, whose wisdom was channelled by Spiritual Artist & Teacher, Edwin Courtney Protocol: Wear comfortable clothes. Recommend wearing white or light coloured clothing. Please arrive prior to the evening’s start time. Empty your bladder in advance of the session. Enter the space in silence and remain silent until you are invited to chant. Have water readily available. Please exchange energy, via payment, in advance. If you are paying cash, please leave it by the coffee mugs prior to the start of the session. Many thanks in advance for following the protocols, ensuring the energetic integrity of the experience. XO, Kristin Bredimus, Spiritual Consultant & Eileen O’Brien, Sound Healer Please Note: Sound healing may be uncomfortable for some, as energy is moving through the body to be released. Please use discretion, assessing whether or not this modality would be beneficial. Individuals who have a history of brain injury or hearing sensitivities should consult their doctor before attending as sound may aggravate symptoms. To Register for this event you must do so here: http://kristinbredimus.com/events/2019/3/18/community-atlantean-healing-with-sound-color-and-intention?fbclid=IwAR15Qy5j20v4E_EHDwjiUs3UYb5chp0vScZIjGGbsRdbLxbRh60i97FrznY

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Community Atlantean Healing Sound, Color and Intention

Kristin Bredimus Spiritual Consultancy

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