What we're about

Are you a holistic practitioner in the London area, looking to expand your community and grow your business? Do you have a desire for your business to grow in the next 3 to 6 months, but not sure of the best strategies? And, would you like support, so you keep focused and don't feel all alone in the process?

HOLISTIC LONDON is a special collaborative of practitioners in the London area. We work together to help each person build their business, in a non-competitive atmosphere. We are friendly, and have fun. But we also work with a specific marketing strategy and can guarantee an increase in each person's business.

We have discovered that growing our businesses is more effective and more fun when we work together, not separately. And there really is no reason why we should do it alone!

In this Meet Up group, we will share some of the strategies that have really worked for the Holistic Practitioners who are in our collective, and also offer you the opportunity to join our collective and be part of our public marketing events.

This business building group is only for holistic practitioners (fitness, therapy, alternative medicine, etc) who work in the London area. To become a member, you need to be certified in your particular field of holistic work, or about to be certified.

This is what one of our members said about her experience:

"I joined Holistic London recently and was heartily welcomed by the existing members. The marketing materials and discussion helped me overcome my blocks and strengthened my confidence. I finally found a group of like minded people and expanded my network ten fold by joining. I strongly recommend this group to any practitioner in the holistic field. " M. Howden, Energy Healer & Coach

We look forward to meeting you!