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Are you going through a relationship separation, divorce or trying to rebuild your life again after a divorce? Feeling lost, alone at times? Struggling with health due to the stress?

The stress and overwhelm, emotions on steroids, or having to deal with logistics (mediation, collaborative divorce, lawyers) might be taking over your life and work and its important to stay focused, supported and healthy. It is not meant to go through alone!

What does 'holistic separation and divorce support' mean?

It means to be able to look at your unique situation from different viewpoints and perspective, a body, mind, emotion and spirit approach. Through support, helping to find solutions also helps to vision the bigger picture of everything that is going on...

Some of the issues in our meetings...

• emotions, anxiety, stress, burnout and a natural approach to calming

• boundaries

• mindful communication

• parenting & co-parenting

• logistics - preparing you to be a credible client if you work with a mediator or lawyer

• self care, self reflection and staying healthy

• creativity

• the healing journey, healing your heart and forgiveness

• rebuilding life after divorce

• holistic nutrition

• letting go

• movement (some meetups are walk and talks)

• external resources


If you consider joining the group, I look forward to meeting you and will do my best to support you through our group meetups...my name is Cherie.

It took many years to reach a place of clarity, inner peace and freedom from emotional attachment from my own divorce, especially with 4 kids at the time. It wasn't easy and was definitely life changing...but its important to remember and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That tunnel can be really really dark at times, but having support and willing to go through the journey and view it through a healing heart is the best and often most difficult thing you can do for yourselves. The light is there, as is the return of peace, clarity and harmony and getting to know who you truly are...

Warmest Regards along our journey...


Erickson Solution Focused Coach, Certified Divorce Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner,

Natural Therapist, Reflexologist

Group Rules

Please be respectful. If you RSVP yes and are not able to make it, please contact me or send a message to change it.
If you are using an acronym for your name on meetup, I kindly request that you provide a name/photo privately via message in confidentiality. You will be removed otherwise. Thank you.

Warmest Regards,


Please note that if you wish to explore 1:1 sessions, or longer term personal support for deeper transformation, this is available outside of the group Meetups. I welcome you to contact me for any enquiries:

cherieshygrif@gmail.com or go to newrootscoaching.com or text @ 438-869-1215 for more info

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