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We provide professional support for women who struggle with weight, emotional eating, cravings, metabolism, and seeing fast results.
This meetup is for you if you had been fed up with dieting and listening to generalized tips about nutrition and keeping up motivation. Our expert team offers truly holistic approach to weight loss. Lira Kay is an author, spiritual counselor, a certified life coach and health coach specializing in midlife crisis and dealings with emotional eating and other addictions. She has 20 years of experience in transforming peoples lives, relationships, careers. For the last year she had been working alongside doctors helping patients use cutting edge mindset tools to drastically improve their heath through releasing emotional pain and changing habits for better more balanced lifestyle and vitality. She is writing her third book: "Release 20 Pounds of Pain and Create a Body Worthy of Your Dream".

Kasin Anton has worked with thousands of clients to help them reach their weight loss goals through sustainable lifestyle and nutritional changes. The insight and personalized programs she provides helps each individual increase energy, improve relationships with food, and support you to feel your best. She is gifted at thinking outside of the box, problem solving, and motivating people to create change in their lives. Wendy Burman, with over 16 years experience in the healthcare industry, Wendy will provide you with a nutritional benchmarking test, which is the the missing link to managing and treating obesity and weight loss. This test helps demonstrate that you ARE what you eat. Once we establish a baseline score, we will customize a weight loss plan for you that is natural and sustainable. If you are serious about weight loss and want to do it holistically, want to be in a supportive group lead by the team of qualified professionals, we are your meetup. Join us now and meet us at our upcoming event.

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