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Holistic Boxing is a unique mindful practice that approaches the body not in terms of fuel, burn and pain, but in terms of music.

When out of tune the body suffers strain and weakness. A tight lower and upper back will strain in tandem with a slack lower abdomen and chest. Whereas a body in balance feels evenly toned and engaged throughout.

Along with being in-tune, a string instrument also has a range of chords to be played in combination. The body too is it’s most vibrant when all it's three planes of motion are played at once, that is, when it spirals (forward-around-up or back-around-down).

Becoming smoother at spiralling the whole body through boxing will effect not just your punching but all of your movements. Those with flat feet will begin to intuitively correct the way they walk, those with poor posture will begin to stand tall without effort. Chests, breasts and bums will be lifted, loose skin under the chin will be tucked, strain in the hamstrings and back will melt away, the lower abdomen will be engaged, the clumsy find elegance, the meek become radiantly alive and the strong will learn to surrender to a power far surpassing that of muscle.

Your posture and coordination will be refined, your old restrictions will be corrected, you'll become fitter, more pain-free and supple, but it will be your sense of limitation and your understanding of the body in which you live in that will really be transformed.

The depth of the spiral is as tremendous as it is universal. From the vibrating of atoms, to the sprouting of plants, to the uncoiling of the embryo, to the vortexes of the breath, heart, wind and oceans, everything flows in spirals. It is the music of the heavens. The heartbeat of the earth. The more you remove friction from your spiral the more you’ll awake to the cosmic connection that you share with everything that thrives.

Learning to master the beautiful dynamic intricacies of the body is by no means easy but it’s a journey I’ve travelled many times and I know the terrain well.
– Sessions 1-8 – You will stumble as you uproot your bad habits. Muscles long forgotten begin to reawaken. Each individual movement stands as a bewildering challenge. You're learning to walk again. Have faith. You will pull through.
– Sessions 10-12 – Eureka! Everything is starting to come together. You’ve found your north star and your compass is set. Stumbles turn to steps. You become familiar with your true power as you manage to move with the whole body.
– Sessions 14-19 – Steps turn into ever greater leaps with every session. Isolated aches in long forgotten regions turn into whole body death and rebirths.
– Sessions 20-30 – Your neurological pathways are so well tuned that you’re able to handle new instructions of great complexity in each class. You’re starting to feel what it’s like to be fluent. You’re movement is now getting close to that of a performer.
– Sessions 30+ – Poor posture, joint issues and hopelessly trying to grasp the simplest of commands is a distant memory. Your body and lungs are strong. You’re familiar with intensity. Your vitality radiates. You’re in-touch with the might of your spirit. You’re training as an athlete. Conscious movement turns into effortless flow. Doing turns into being. Limitless growth is a daily meditation.

Timelapse video, sessions 1-39 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5JhLmBnf8E

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