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The Sanctuary (Gold Coast) - OPENING SOON

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Dear beautiful souls,

We have much pleasure in announcing that The Holistic Psychology Institute is soon opening a beautiful new space 'The Sanctuary'.

Official date opening and address details coming soon.

Triada (Trudy has reverted to her birth name) has been guided to share with you NEW sessions, NEW workshops and NEW teachings and looks forward to seeing you again very soon.

The last 2 1/2 years have been extremely challenging with her numerous hospitilisation's and health issues however it has been a great gift of learning's and allowed for expansion of her gifts...she has some really amazing new insights to share with you.

Have you noticed how fast life is going?

We are speeding into the future, and it is therefore even more imperative that you stay consciously in 'the present'..

Spring is coming and everyone is feeling the SHIFTS taking place, the urge to walk in your truth, and the need to stand up for what you truly value.

Amongst it all you may be noticing your shorter than normal fuse or more irritated, angry or short tempered energies around you. So many changes are taking place as we express our boundaries and communicate our truths.

It remind's us of the need for compassion – not only for others but also for ourselves.

This yearly conjunction remind's us that we’ve closed out another cycle and are about to start a new chapter.cycle.

This cycle pertains to our sense of understanding the complexities and un-predicatibility of life.

‘The Sanctuary’ has been created as a safe and loving space to support and guide you as you transition through this new cycle.

This is a year of 'newness'.

An opportunity to consciously step away from that which no longer serves you and embrace all that fuels you as you navigate and travel your 'true' soul path.

The desire to connect with like minded people (your tribe) may become even stronger and ‘The Sanctuary’ will offer a range of opportunities to do so.

Space is being made for your next opportunity to flow gracefully into your life.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you at 'The Sanctuary' soon so that we can connect and share amongst vibrations of peace, love and joy.

Here’s to new beginnings…

Much love
The Holistic Psychology Institute Team x