How to Attach Name Talent w/ Producer Michael Baumgarten

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Click to sign up for this event, and to get the address for the workshop. It's in the 90029 Zip Code near Western & Santa Monica.


To attend this event, and get the address for the workshop, sign up at The location is near Western & Santa Monica in the 90029 Zip Code

In this face-to-face workshop writer/director/producer Michael Baumgarten will be addressing how and when to attach talent to your productions. You can learn more about Michael at and

MICHAEL BAUMGARTEN BIO: Michael Baumgarten is a Los Angeles-based award-winning producer/director with over two decades and over a dozen feature films of producing experience. He is best known for writing and producing the family dog comedy/drama SMITTY starring Academy Award winners Mira Sorvino and Louis Gossett, Jr., 2-time Academy Award nominee Peter Fonda, Jason London, Lolita Davidovich, and Booboo Stewart; and writing, co-producing, and directing the anti-bullying action/comedy THE MARTIAL ARTS KID starring Jansen Panettiere, Kathryn Newton, Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, TJ Storm, Sydney Sweeney, and Chuck Zito. Michael wrote, co-produced, and directed the upcoming action-comedy PAYING MR. McGETTY; and produced the horror/thriller CELEBRITY CRUSH that was written by, directed by, and starring Oliver Robins. Michael also wrote the screenplay for recently-filmed movie THE ADVENTURES OF ARI: THE ROBOT PET. Projects in active development include THE MARTIAL ARTS KID 2: PAYBACK; the romantic-comedy MY FABULOUS WINGMAN; and the vampire action/horror movie BLOOD WALKERS.

Topics covered in this workshop will include:

How to vet screenplays to ensure they are ready to produce.
What should be in a screenplay in order for your project to be attractive to name talent
How to decide which name actors talent will be an asset to your film and which won’t be.
When to attach name talent to your project.
Attaching the right director to get the name talent you want.
How to document attachment in a way investors and distributors find meaningful.
The process of reaching out to name talent with an offer.
What should be in the offer and what should not be.
Assembling film financing based on the right talent in the right pictures.

Resources that come with this workshop: Primer covering the process of development including when your project needs to become a member of SAG, what you need to know before you approach name talent, and videos on contract law fundamentals and avoiding litigation.

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Street parking is free or you can pay ~$5 to park in a lot.

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