From Homo Sapiens to Holo Sapiens

Holochain Pittsburgh Meetup
Holochain Pittsburgh Meetup
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Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

120 S Whitfield Street · Pittsburgh, PA

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Upstairs in the main ballroom

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Hey all!

The first event of Holochain Week Pittsburgh is here! (for more about the week of events, and especially the developers' workshop, check

Join collective intelligence expert Jean-François Noubel and members of the Holochain team for an evening of discussion at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh. Topics include the evolving relationship between collective social behavior and technology and how new, non-hierarchical, distributing computing models will affect how we interact and collaborate. A lecture followed by questions and discussion.

Speaker Bio

For more than 20 years, Jean-François Noubel has worked in the field of collective intelligence, this new research discipline that explores how living systems work, and how our species evolves. He works on the next crypto-technologies that will enable the rise of augmented social intelligence and distributed organizations that will outsmart current centralized organizations and Nation-States as we know them today. Global companies and governments use his expertise to build cutting edge strategies and prepare for the transition to come. He advises top leaders on radical innovation, he travels the world to give keynotes and set up R&D programs with universities and labs. Applying his research to himself, Jean-François lives an experimental life and defines himself as an open source human being operating in the gift economy. Happy father of a 17 years old boy, he lives in Provence, eats vegan, teaches martial arts and practices various extreme sports

The lecture

Our species evolves. Every second, throngs of people weave their values and world views on the internet and give rise to a new form of collective intelligence never seen before in human history. Distributed, open source, based on interconnected individual sovereignty, organized around socialware and soon, distributed apps (dApps) — we call it holomidal collective intelligence. Yet this young holomidal collective intelligence still relies on the old economy expressed in national currencies. In the coming years we will witness the emergence of a new language of wealth that operates in a much more integrative way, and includes nature, climate, other living beings, and follows the complex, non-linear flows of living systems. Holomidal collective intelligence will offer an infrastructure for the next consciousness to manifest naturally, at individual and collective levels. Evolution from Homo sapiens to Holo sapiens has begun its course. Will you evolve too?

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