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A group for anyone in Texas surrounding region currently working on, or aspiring to work, on the Microsoft Hololens, Windows Mixed Reality, Spatial Computing, AR/VR, Intellegent Edge, 3D Design, and/or HUD applications development,

The group will serve to connect and inform the few folks that are either lucky enough to work in this area or savvy enough to want to. Our hope is that the group can not only provide a platform for discussions, education, collaborative problem solving, and professional networking; but also, if the support and interest exists, to possibly hold regular series of hands-on-heads-up educational programs and hackathons for developers, designers, managers, artists, or anyone in the broader tech-loving community of Dallas, or the state Texas at large who is seeking to become an early adopter of this revolutionary technology.

Join us, and become part of an small but elite community of holographic tool makers and universe builders who wield the industry leading tool for unleashing next-gen business and creative solutions -- or just simply causing jaw-dropping whimsy in noobs and Holonauts alike. ;)~

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