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In this group we’ll explore healing potential of breath on 4 fundamental levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

My name is Lana Elco. You can learn more about my consciousness work and psycho-spiritual practices on my website:


I am offering two powerful modalities Breath of Remembrance and Holotropic Breathwork on the regular basis.

Breath of Remembrance is a similar modality that allows you to explore the depth of your subconscious reality in 3 hour or 5 hour workshop ( I offer shorter and longer version now). So it is perfect for both beginners who have never tried breathwork before and experienced breathers who want to develop consistent breathwork practice. We shift the perception of time in expanded states of consciousness so even a few hours can be life changing and transformational.

Breath of Remembrance: https://breathofremembrance.com/

Holotropic breathwork is one of the most powerful and deepest spiritual tools available for humanity today. Discovered by Stan and Christina Grof, the pioneers of transpersonal psychology. It is a deep dive into your subconscious to heal old wounds and it usually requires one day commitment.

Holotropic Breathwork: https://breathofremembrance.com/holotropic-breathwork

Both modalities offer an opportunity for

- Self-exploration,

- Healing old traumas of body and psyche,

- Releasing energetic blocks,

- Breaking through life crisis,

- Connecting with your intuition and wisdom,

- Transforming habitual life patterns,

- Opening up to transpersonal realms and creativity,

- Receiving your own authentic answers to important questions

- Processing suppressed emotions

-Stepping into your power and reconnecting with your Divine Self

The key principle is to trust the Inner Healer activated inside of us in non-ordinary state of consciousness. Every person has their own healing process with the content and quality unique for this particular moment.

Private sessions are available. Check my website.

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In-Depth Online Breathwork Workshop

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Join us for In-Depth Online Breathwork Workshop This LIVE Workshop is scheduled on Friday, October 9, 5.30 - 7.30 pm PST. Here is the link to register: https://breathofremembrance.com/online-breathwork-sessions We'll have an opening circle, instructions and then we'll have a 90 min breathwork journey. After breathwork we'll have a group integration session. Once you register you'll receive a Preparation letter with instructions of how to prepare and the zoom link. If it is your first time make sure to watch my Preparation Video ( I will be sending the link to this video in my Preparation letter). Let's create some space for healing and release. Developing a consistent breathwork practice can keep you balanced, sane and connected to your Higher self. What is Breath of Remembrance™? is a transformational modality of breathing that allows us to access our subconscious material through expanded states of consciousness. By working with this material we are able to heal our old wounds and remember who we really are in our full potential. Emotional Release Unprocessed and suppressed emotions cause depression, anxiety and even physical illness. Rational understanding of our emotions is not enough to sustain health, balance & happiness. Emotional release is crucial for our well being but we don't have enough tools to facilitate this process. Breathwork is an outstanding opportunity for it. Bodywork & Voice Most modern people are disconnected from their body and its wisdom. Voicing our truth is limited with cultural and social boundaries of appropriateness. Breathwork creates space for both: connecting with your body and voicing your truth through a vibrational sound. It is truly healing, freeing and expansive experience on all level A Message from your Spirit Many of us are conditioned to follow logic and belief system of the Western civilization. However our rational mind is too limited to understand the complexity and mystery of the Universe. Breathwork expands our mind and allows us to see our blind spots, pure energy beyond logic. We can reconnect with our own spirit and receive guidance. Advantages of Online Breathing Session: location free ( you can do it at home), emergency access ( a powerful tool to process intense emotions), privacy, financial advantage. Here is the link to register: https://breathofremembrance.com/online-breathwork-sessions See you there! P.S. Please, reserve extra 15 min in case you want to stay longer, ask questions or listen to other participants. Each group experience is different and I always make sure that everyone complete their processes.

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In-Depth Online Breathwork Workshop

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