What we're about

This Dharma Center is located near the site of the future Buddhist Town at Holy Heavenly Lake in Hesperia, California. We hope to build a dharma center and small temple as part of this Buddhist Town, but are starting a small dharma center to introduce the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha as imparted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III who will be part of this future Buddhist center. We are part of the Xuanfa Institute, a non-profit religious corporation dedicated to helping Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike develop their spiritual practices so as to become enlightened and thus liberated from the sufferings of repeated rebirths. Anyone may join and participate in our events and activities which will include meditation and the study and practice of Buddhism. You do not need to become a Buddhist. What the Buddha taught can benefit all living beings. We welcome discussion and exploration of truth and how to become good people and eliminate suffering.

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