What we're about

This is the launch of the Holy House Party™ series of awesome, themed house-parties.

An informal setting with a wide variety of agendas. To create a few hours of getaway in your hectic and monotonous week.

We want there to be lively and healthy participation along with ample socialising between all attendees across the various themes.

Our moderators will organise various activities during all of the house parties! Each house-party will be different, and activities will be a surprise.

We have rules:
1) Do be up for anything
2) If you put your drink down for more than a minute, do remember to check there are no cigarette butts in it before taking another quaff
3) Do look for the good in all fellow guests. Be nice

We have a Whatsapp group wherein you can receive more information. The moderators will put you into that group as you signup for our events!

Welcome to the Holy House Party!

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Fortune Drive

FoodFest - Holy House Party™

Fortune Drive

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