What we're about

Who are we?
Home Brew are a London wide property networking community.

Who should join?
The network is for any individual who is looking to gain further insight into creative property strategies, gain a number of high quality business connections across the industry, and overall boost their bottom line.

What is the point?
The function of the network is to help people, whether aspiring or already established professionals in the industry make better informed decisions in the UK property market.

What are the subjects?
The seminar sessions are typically led by the needs and requests of the community. Everything we do is in the context of property investment and development however many of the core principle which we discuss can also be adapted to general business dealings.

Where can you get more information on the speakers?
All speakers who present at Home Brew will be featured on the MeetUp event page with all social media, contact details, and website inks if they’ve been made available.

Why attend?
1. To learn new property strategies
2. Gain access to professionals who are usually inaccessible for non-HNW or non-corporates
3. Make new business connections
4. Socialise with like minded individuals

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