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Welcome ! This is a group for anyone interested in the fun of baking cakes and sharing the joy and love of healthy and stylish baking. Please join us and share your experience in home baking, meet and make friends with other cake enthusiasts, bakers and like minded people.

Let's connect, share and enjoy !!!

All skill levels are welcome. You may want to amaze your friends and family with your own creation of personalized and exquisite cakes for various celebrations and events.

Here we will learn from one another the craft of baking and enjoy the tastes of cakes made and shared from the group. Welcome all suggestions or assistance in organizing activities for the group.

You may also wish to explore the opportunity of turning your baking hobby into an enjoyable business !!!


我們可安排聚會品嚐會友的出品及互相學習去改善味道,品質和創新設計. 我們也可安排其他有関烘焙及烹飪等活動例如餅藝培訓班, 營養專題討論及群組聚餐等.




The world's 17 most delicious cakes 全球17最美味蛋糕 (http://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/22/travel/world-national-cakes/)


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