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This Meetup is for anyone who would like to promote their content using an authentic marketing approach. This is particularly beneficial for anyone who is involved in beauty, health and wellness, fitness, photography, and marketing.


There is an unbelievable amount of content people consume every day, and as a business owner it is very hard to have your content stand out among a sea of thousands of images generated daily by your competitors.

Within the mass amounts of content that’s pushed out every day, it is impossible to identify if content has been retouched or not, or if it accurately portrays a company’s product or service. We will be holding different meetups that pertain to a variety of industries and how they can use a service provided by Trusting Pixels to promote their content honestly among the mass amounts of dishonest content. Trusting Pixels is a company that validates unretouched content, and it is with their service that companies and individuals can now validate their content as authentic, and not retouched. Using their service will bring a layer of trust and honesty to your brand and products seen on your company website and social media pages.


Each meetup will be held by Alexander Jacquet, the Founder of Trusting Pixels Inc. Alexander is no stranger to the media industry as he spent 11 years working in Film/TV/Commercials with clients like Adidas, Revlon, and many more.

With the ever increasing use of technology and the pervasive presence of tools used to retouch in mainstream media and on anyone’s cellphone, Alexander has realized that there is an ongoing difficulty to validate content as retouched or not. This issue particularly affects the false representation of people in both mainstream media and social media, which of course, greatly impacts children and youth who are vulnerable to the content they consume without realizing what is false and what is not.

It is Alexander's reflection on the negative impact retouching has on the younger generations that drove him to find a solution to this social issue and create Trusting Pixels Inc.

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