Honeycomb Tech Talks 006

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// Our sixth tech talk night is coming up! //

Theme: Observability _Beyond_ Systems.

6pm - Doors Open

6:30pm - Intro by Charity (https://twitter.com/mipsytipsy)

6:40-7:20pm - Business Observability Matters Too by Baron Schwartz (https://twitter.com/xaprb):
What gets measured gets managed, and that’s as true in the business as it is in the product. In fact, arguably we’ve been a lot more sophisticated on the business side than in our systems, for decades. What kinds of things does a well-managed business measure and analyze? And how do they do it? From sales funnel stages to product analytics, I’ll share some of the things I’ve measured—and ones I wish I had—in other areas.

7:25-7:40 - Product Hackers and why you need a team like ours by Sam Zeitline (https://twitter.com/SamanthaZeitlin):

Product Hacker was a role that originated at Brightroll,
which was acquired by Yahoo, which was acquired by Verizon, and
now is called Oath.

We're the team you need when the problem is obvious
enough from aggregated business metrics, but the root source is
not obvious enough to identify without looking at event-level
logs, or is obviously happening but not 100% of the time. We do more statistics than Engineering, and more data science and engineering than BI.

7:45-8:15pm - Providing Visibility for All Stakeholders by Rachel Myers (https://twitter.com/rachelmyers):
Observability matters for everyone, not just engineers. Healthy deploys are key for business outcomes, yet the only stakeholders who traditionally have visibility into deploy health are the engineers who run them. In this talk, Rachel summarizes the variations in deployment processes and tooling, and presents some techniques for opening visibility up to all stakeholders, as well as why this is so important.

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