Observability Roundtables with Honeycomb


Do you practice observability? Do you think you practice observability? Want more of your team to follow observability-driven development? How far along are you and your team with observability? How does system observability influence your build pipeline? What effect does it have on your release cadence and the quality of your code in production?

Or do you think observability is just another marketing buzzword?

Join us live for this special Meetup: Observability Roundtables with Honeycomb experts Charity Majors, Christine Yen, and Liz Fong-Jones. We believe you're an expert and we want to hear from you. Come with your learnings, ideas, and questions. Each table will have a dedicated topic under the umbrella of Observability, moderated by members of the Honeycomb Team!

We will be in the San Jose Convention Center as a prequel to Velocity San Jose. This meetup is open to the public - you do not need a Velocity badge to attend.

What to Expect

7pm: Beverages and mingle
7:05PM: Intro/goal-setting
7:20PM: Observability Roundtable - choose your table/topic
8:15PM: 3 min lightning talks - what did you learn? (some attendees will present results/takeaways from discussions)

There will be snacks. There will be Honeybees. And most important, there will be you. In the spirit of bringing the hallway track forward, register to join us and claim your seat.

What is a Roundtable?

You come participate as the expert. Bring your knowledge, experience, and questions to the discussion tables. Discussions at each table will be moderated by Honeycomb/Observability experts.

What to Bring?

Just you, your ideas and questions, and an open mind. Also bring peers or colleagues who may also be interested.

Who should come?

People interested in embarking on an observability journey, or those who would like to share their journeys so far.

* observability practitioners
* Senior software engineers
* Junior software engineers
* SREs
* Product Managers
* Operations and those on-call
* if you are migrating from monolith to microservices
* o11y noobs
* the curious

No recruiting. No product pitches. Event open to anyone interested in the practice and power of observability. Velocity attendees welcome and encouraged, but you don't have to have a badge to come to the meetup.

***Do you have accessibility needs to participate in this meetup? Reach out to [masked] to discuss. The sooner we know, the better!