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it's raining and cold outside... Let's stay inside!

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What better to do in this winter weather than gather around in a warm place and play. Spend your Sat eve casting dice and drawing cards with your favourite usual games.

Newcomers are welcome, we promise to explain all the rules patiently.

There will be a table allocated for Talisman - lead by Edward.

The usual stuff:

-No Show, No Membership. If you sign up and repeatedly no show or fail to cancel without ample notice you may be removed from our group

- Punctuality. If you arrive late and find everyone deeply engrossed in gaming it will be unlikely you can pull them out of the zone to fit you into the game midway. Make a choice to arrive within 10 minutes of the start time.

- Pay as you go. We do not charge a fee for our gatherings, but there is a cost for the venue. The cafe has an hourly playing charge , and if you partake in the very reasonably priced food and drinks that are on offer you will of course have to pay for it yourself. Typically it will be around HK$90-100 for the whole evening.

- Wear a smile. We are here to meet new friends and have a blast whilst doing so! Feel free to tease, joke or dress up in an outfit inspired by your favorite game. We promise we won't call you a geek....well maybe we will

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