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This is a group for anyone interested in crypto trading and attending any events organised by Overbit.

Overbit is a leading Bitcoin derivatives trading platform founded by Chieh Liu and a team of expert crypto and forex traders in 2018.

Overbit conducts networking meetups to share about Bitcoin as a digital currency, its market cycle and Bitcoin derivatives trading tips for the crypto curious and clueless. This is the perfect avenue for like-minded crypto enthusiasts to gather as a community to tap on the minds of Overbit’s experienced traders.

Emerge victorious with Overbit as you navigate through the exciting waves of Bitcoin trading!

We have many upcoming events planned, so do stay tuned!

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How to Trade and Win with Bitcoin in 2020

THE HUB Hong Kong

Attention crypto traders and the crypto clueless! Overbit invites you for a free meetup to talk about crypto trading. We are organising an educational series of crypto trading networking events. CEO and seasoned trader, Chieh Liu, will be imparting trading tips and strategies. There will be a Q&A session where Chieh Liu will answer questions that the crypto curious among us may have. Arrival: 6:30pm Start: 7:00pm Food and Drinks: 8:30pm End: 9:00pm Join us today! Wait, there's more! Win 888 HKD in the Hong Bao draw 🧧🧧 and everyone walks away with a limited edition wristband! **LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT** Exciting news for all participants! We are honoured to have two expert traders, Clement Ip from Genesis Block and Bryan Cheung from the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, joining us for the Meetup. Participants can look forward to a sharing session from the experts as they share on the various methods and tips to help you start your crypto journey and emerge as a winner with buying Bitcoin. You will also hear first-hand personal trading testimonials and strategies they use for building their portfolios. Meet Our Speakers Clement Ip Co-Founder Genesis Block Hong Kong Clement was astonished by his first encounter with Bitcoin during his visit to Argentina in 2013, when locals exchanged their monthly wages to Bitcoins because they didn’t trust the government-backed fiat currency. A critical participant in over 40 blockchain related projects, Clement has become an enthusiastic supporter of Bitcoin and the distributed ledger technology. Clement is currently involved in Genesis Block’s business development and partnerships. He works closely with academics, digital asset funds, blockchain start-up projects and key opinion leaders to grow and engage the community together. A well-respected leader of the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific digital asset community, Clement has a substantial role in advancing Genesis Block’s profile in the market as a highly sought-after speaker in global events. View Clement's LinkedIn profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clement-ip/ Bryan Cheung President The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong Bryan serves as the President of the Bitcoin Association. One of his major initiatives this year is to establish the Electronic Trading Committee which exists to offer a platform for crypto traders to network, exchange ideas and to nurture their skills through practical insights from sharing trading strategies. View Bryan's LinkedIn profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryanacheung/ Chieh Liu CEO Overbit Chieh Liu developed a strong interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency while he was studying computer science at California State Polytechnic University in 2011. After graduating, he worked as an advisor for several financial investment firms across several Asian markets for almost a decade. As an avid forex and crypto trader, Chieh realised that there was a gap when it came to trading across the various financial markets. In 2017, Chieh founded Overbit, the world’s first cross-market trading platform. View Chieh Liu's LinkedIn profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chieh-liu-07290b157/

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