What we're about

Using Faster EFT to tap the problem out. IT WORKS! Just wanna share this powerful technique and tap each other!

This meet up group is about exploiting and using Faster EFT to help people emotional issue in an extremely effective way. It is a new emotional releasing method which is absolutely the best in the world so far I think. You can refer to Robert G Smith fastereft.com.

Ideal members are for people who know FasterEFT or a little bit knowledge of FasterEFT. However, if people interested in FasterEFT, it is also welcome.

When you joined in, you can explore a whole new brave inner world and a new you can be developed. This FasterEFT can be fun, help you and your relatives and friends. Typical activities are to learn FasterEFT, tap each other and help each other using FasterEFT.

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