How relevant is Religion and how can it help us to solve the problems we face?

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August's topic will be conducted by Brother Willis Wan on a study of Freemasonry: How relevant is Religion? After a short lecture, a discussion and debate by the group will follow.

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism may have been relevant in the Middle Age to help us cultivate our moral and ethical standard and to guide us to solve most problem humankind''s face. In olden days whenever there is not enough rain for the crops, farmers turn to the priests to intercede with God. On top of this, those guru and priests also act as healer of sick and capable to make the blind see. In the advance of science that enlightened our ignorance, farmers create rain by teleological methods and people seek medical doctors to heal their illness. How the teaching of religions guide us in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), bioengineering, global warming and cyberwarfare?

Someday AI may rule the world. Could we teach a “Smart-Learning AI Robot” to acquire a moral standard and ethical standard to become a superior person as mentioned in Confucianism? And how does Freemasonry relate to these essential questions?

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