Let’s Talk! Discussion Group: Can you fall asleep this easily?

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Even thus last night, and two nights more, I lay,
And could not win thee, Sleep! by any stealth:
So do not let me wear to-night away:
Without Thee what is all the morning’s wealth?

-- To Sleep, William Wordsworth

Anybody who has tossed and turned at night, checking the time every little while, yearning to fall sleep, will know – sleep does not come when you think too much, especially about sleep. In our modern world, we have ways to help us to sleep: pills, sleep clinics or therapy. Our knowledge of sleep is so much deeper than that of our ancestors. We know about Circadian rhythms, gender and age differences in sleep needs, and sleep disorders. But are we getting better sleep satisfaction than our ancestors? With our busy, over-stimulated lives, are we, in fact, worse off? As we grow older, a good night’s sleep becomes essential to re-charge our batteries for the next day. How are we doing on that score?

Join us for an open-eyed discussion on slumber: How much sleep do you usually get? How much would you like? Why does your partner sleep soundly after an argument but you don’t? What should you do about that
(besides avoiding late-evening altercations)? Are your daily habits affecting your sleep?

Photo credit: JacLou DL from Pixabay

Note: If you RSVP "YES", and then cannot attend, please remember to change your RSVP to "NO".