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Welcome to Leisure Hike & Simplylife 簡簡簡單單 .

2019 可能係你的人生轉折點,



I believe that life is always giving us turning points big and small—opportunities to change how we see things, change how we go about reaching our target.


人生就好似行山咁, 有高山低谷時候, 希望 大家來簡簡簡單單 時候, 可以找到自己理想和目標.

"平凡是福, 知足常樂"。

Life is hard. Whether it is trouble with family, friends, your workplace, or perhaps, the inability to even find employment, there are many factors that contribute to making our lives that much more difficult to deal with. Life IS stressful. Fortunately, there are small ways to embrace the very precious things in our daily lives that we sometimes forget to enjoy.

Imagine strolling in nature, surrounding yourself with a chuck of green, chatting with your mates, saying hello to strangers (or doggies), looking out to a terrific view atop a mountain and taking snap shots of this and that......

If you fancy this picture after a hard week of work or because you feel like getting a bit of sunshine or a breadth of fresh air out of this concrete jungle of buildings, then this is the group for you!

We welcome people with different fitness levels who enjoy hiking at a relatively slow pace.

However, you are responsible for catching up with the group and find your way out if you get lost. Don't leave alone if you don't follow the hiking group.

注意1: 你必須跟上大隊的速度,如果你自行走開或走失,你要自己搵路返屋企 , 勿"自行離大隊" , 很危險冴!。

(Our Group is a Non-Profit Organization.)

***注意2: 我們所有活動都是非牟利性質搞. 所以有可能吾知道幾時會摺ga,希望吾會咁快啦! ***

***注意3: **我們不設家長式照顧, 請量力而為。**

***注意4: "Our Group main target for 80S, 90S single people." It is not for family or couple.

(本組謝絕進行任何推銷服務!) 如有發現,再進入黑名單.




1.By joining the hikes, all participants are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer, and agreed to exonerate the hike leaders, the organizers and any other participants in the walks from any liabilities, claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or deaths or damages arising thereof. Hikers joining hikes are at their own choosing and at their own risk.

**You must purchase your own insurance by yourself before hiking.

Hiking Tips














1.Choose a suitable hiking route
Before setting out, study the map and information about the route. Plan the trip carefully and take into account factors such as the length, gradient and surface condition of the route, the time required to finish the trip, fitness condition and physical ability of the participants, and the possible weather changes. Do not alter the planned route indiscriminately during the journey.

2.Take adequate water and appropriate food
Take enough water for the whole trip as outlets for beverage may not be available on the route. Replenish water from time to time during the journey. When sweating heavily, drink 150 to 200 millilitres of liquid every 15 to 20 minutes even if not thirsty. Also, take some carbohydrates (such as biscuits, breads, convenient rice and sweet porridge) which are light in weight and require no heating as food provisions on the trip.

3.Prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion
Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in extremely hot weather. Drink more water and replenish the electrolytes lost. Take appropriate breaks during the journey. Don't overextend yourself as it will lead to exhaustion. In addition, hikers should have a thorough understanding of heat stroke and heat exhaustion so that appropriate action can be taken when they are faced with such situations.

4.Wear suitable clothes and gear
Put on casual clothes, light- coloured long-sleeved shirts and long trousers, and hiking shoes with ankle protection and corrugated rubber soles. Take a suitable cap that can protect you from sunlight in summer and keep you warm in winter.

5.Prevent insect and mosquito bites
To prevent insect and mosquito bites, you may apply a mosquito repellent onto your clothes or over your exposed skin.

6.Other necessary items (kept in waterproof/plastic bags by category)
A countryside map and a compass to facilitate quick comprehension of the topography A fully-charged mobile phone to facilitate communication and rescue (Service coverage of the phone should be checked beforehand)An umbrella or a waterproof anorak. A first-aid kit (containing medicated plasters, bandage, dressing, antiseptic, etc.)A torch and a whistle Emergency food provisions, such as chocolate and raisins, which are high in calories and easy to carry around A spare set of dry clothes for change

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