Mandala मण्डल Drawing Workshop with Reshma Rohra

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In honor of Mental Health Month, Sacred Spaces is teaming up with Reshma ROHRA to host another edition of the Mandala making workshop...

For several thousand years the Mandala has symbolized the universal in both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It appears in many places and in many different forms as a gentle reminder of our place in the cosmos. Just as in meditation, tai-chi, and other spiritual and health practices it is up to us to approach the Mandala in hopes that we too can unlock its power. Hong Kong Sacred Spaces is delighted to present an immersive interactive drawing workshop with art instructor Reshma Rohra who will teach us how to draw the Mandala in a deep and meaningful way. Using ink and paper we will explore the meditative qualities of drawing in a mindful and directed way. In this Workshop, you will learn the step-by-step drawing technique of drawing the Mandala to practice mindfulness by setting all your focus on creating a piece of art. No drawing experience needed just a positive outlook and a willingness to learn. All art materials will be provided at the venue.
Workshop Focus:

Understanding of Mandalas:
-Learn the Step-by-step Technique for drawing symmetrical Mandalas
-Every Participant's Mandala will be Different from the Other
-Learning about Various Zentangle Patterns and How to Use Them
-Exploring one's Creative Potential with Different Patterns and Colors
-2 Hours of Art Therapy
-Focus on Goal Fulfillment while Drawing
-Understanding the Concept of Mindfulness and Practicing it while

Workshop takeaway:
-A sense of satisfaction in learning a new form of art
-Benefits of the goal-fulfillment therapy
-The skill to practice Mandalas making after one workshop
-A beautiful piece of art which can be framed

Rehma has been kind enough to offer Hong Kong Sacred Spaces Meetup Members a 10% discount. The participation and materials fee is $450 which includes:

Materials include:

-260g thick paper suitable for ink drawing and coloring for each
-2 art pens with different nib sizes per participant for drawing different
-1 pencil each
-1 eraser each
-3 shared sharpeners
-1 plastic scale each
-1 protractor each
-1 compass each
-2-3 sets of color pencils

Reshma Rohra is a self-taught artist with a long fascination with the spiritual and meditative side of art. Currently based in Hong Kong Reshma was born and brought up in India where her interest in Art and Art Therapy began in 2013. Originally thought of as merely an artistic challenge, drawing intricate Mandalas and Zentangle patterns soon became a passion that Reshma has learned to share with those around her. Stroke by stroke, each drawing moving her closer to peace, happiness and a profound sense of fulfillment. This is what she wishes to share with you along with the confidence and awareness of the power of drawing this most beautiful and important symbol.