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We are a group dedicated to contribute our time by volunteering to keep our Beaches & Trails cleaner while enjoying our fellowship with the environment during our walking events exploring Hong Kong.

Thus adding Beach & Trails Cleanup to the original Nordic Walking Group.

CLEANUP Activities
All the beach cleaning activities will not be registered with any NGO group at the moment. We will review locations where NGO's are cleaning & we will locate new sites where more cleaning will be needed &/or where site are located near trails we wish to walk at.

Are you new to walking in groups, peer pressure pushing you on to catch up;  feel "out of breath"  handling slopes ... "Grasping for air" ?  Come join our SLOW WALKIN PACE  or come train with us to walk better with using Nordic Walking skills?  We wish to be a social gathering for anyone who are always left behind in other hiking groups &/or have had recovering joint pains & wish to re-start hiking slowly building certain muscles.

There is no fee to learn, when you walk with me with your poles, you get free training of Nordic Walking.

Walking method is encouraged http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ_K6p_zUdA
Choosing the Correct Nordic Pole http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysJK9sfvghc

Always remember that this is a casual meetup and there is no charge to participate, you come to join our events on your own free will.  You provide your own equipment.   Neither the event, host, assistant organiser nor any participant can be held liable for any injuries or damage to you or your equipment while you are sharing your time with us in any of the events.   By selecting the option of GOING or WAITLISTED. you are fully aware that you are responsibly for yourself & that said, you also take full responsibilities to acquire the proper equipment & attire best suited for the event ... regardless if the host have or have not posted any advices on attire, equipment and tools. terrain or weather.

Join us for a few hours of peace and relaxation, share your jovial nature & refrain from all negativities &/or frustrations of your life relationships, politics, religion or career.

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