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Any tabletop gamers out there? My name's Lake and I'm brand new to Hong Kong - don't know that many gamers out here - but I'd like to put together a tabletop group if anyone's interested. Not particularly picky about the setting or the system, although I'm most experienced with D20-based games (AD&D, 3.5, 4.0, etc.) and I've been really wanting to run a homebrew game of my own. Also wouldn't mind a full-on munchkin'd 3.5 game, Mutants and Masterminds superhero game, or learning a new system. Any suggestions welcome. I expect to DM, but even that's not necessary. I don't have a place to play for sure yet, so if you'd like to make an offer, let me know! Basically just looking to see what's out there, thanks everyone!

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