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The purpose is to improve our finances & develop financial fitness thru networking in this Meet Up forum. To get to know, like & trust new contacts you can do business and share some knowledge along the way.

Principle 1: It's not what you make but what you keep that determines financial success - pay yourself first and save it.

Principle 2: Money is a gift. It has a specific use. This means that you have a stewardship. You are to use your money for something that matters, for your family and beyond.

Principle 3: Live with in your means. Have some discretionary money each month & don't nitpick the little things.

Principle 4: Stop getting financial advice from broke people, get advice from those you want to emulate.

Principle 5: Consistently budget and save for unexpected expenses.

Principle 6: Give 10% of your income to tithing. Giving puts you in a mindset of abundance.

Principle 7: Using your time, money , and talents to genuinely help others naturally increases your happiness.

Principle 8: People with the right moneyview, discipline themselves to live the principles of financial fitness & make decisions based on a long-term vision.

Principle 9: Financially fit people are avid readers and consistently invest in themselves by increasing their financial and leadership education skills.

Principle 10: Financially fit people excel at the work and projects they are doing now and at the same time, they invest in themselves in order to achieve their long-term vision.

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