Can I Be Selfish Now?

Every 2 weeks on Sunday

Honolulu Coffee Company

1800 Kalakaua Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815 · Honolulu, HI

How to find us

We are normally seated at one of the two long tables on the makai side of the building. Unsure? Just ask ... we're friendly!

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Topic of this event: Can I Be Selfish Now?

It is dark and you and a friend are in a small boat that is far from shore. The boat has begun to take on water. Unfortunately, there is only one life jacket available and it is in your hands. What do you do?

We are told that humans have two basic instincts that underlie all else: self-survival and species survival. But what happens when we have to choose between them? Or perhaps more pointedly, what should happen when we are forced to choose between our own good or an outcome that would benefit others--but not serve us as well? Religious teachers, psychologists and philosophers have all chimed in, trying to decipher when it is acceptable (perhaps even preferable) to be selfish. Happily, most of these decisions do not involve life and death--or sinking boats. They are more mundane: do I vote for the candidate promising a tax cut, or the one wanting to expand Medicaid? Join us as we plunge into what some people regard as moral quicksand!

This group is committed to "practical" philosophy: We will begin each session by discussing a current topic of interest ... immigration, gun control, race, etc., etc ... and will tease out the moral and ethical issues that arise from that topic.

Then, over a cup or two of good coffee, we will challenge each other to see how our personal opinions relate to the larger world view and understanding of life that each of us brings to the table. The goal is not necessarily to persuade others to adopt our point of view. Rather, we seek to clarify our own thinking and in doing so, arrive at a deeper understanding of the world around us.

All views, religious beliefs and political opinions are welcome and respected please don't hesitate to join us. However, we do ask everyone to keep the discussion respectful. We are a friendly group!

No prior education or experience needed ... anyone who looks around and asks "why?" is engaged in philosophy. Join us!