Central Indiana Fall Trophy Event

Location image of event venue


We are playing Saturday November 9th at 11:45AM. $20 optional entry fee (one may play for free). Sidepools of $10, $20, $40, $60, and $100. You are all in for $250. 9 point matches in the Main, 7 point matches in the Consolation, 5 point matches in the Last Chance (only the Consolation quarterfinal and semifinal losers play in the Last Chance. Dice on checkers count. Baffle boxes preferred.
This event will be a USBGF Local Club Initiative Tournament. The USBGF will add a $50 sidepool. This sidepool will go to the USBGF member that is best at the tournament. The sidepool winner will be entered into an online event with all LCI winners. The winner of that tournament will get a free entry into the ABT main event of their choice.
All matches clocked.
Repeat--The rule is all matches clocked. If players try to play their matches without a clock they are cheating. If players are caught playing a match without a clock, a clock will be put on that match immediately and both players in the match will be given a 4 minute clock penalty in the following match.
Please bring your clocks and boards if you own them.
This event is co-sponsored by the Hoosier Backgammon Club and the Bloomington Backgammon Club.