Ouabache Summer Campout

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Ouabache State Park

4930 E. State Rd 201 · Bluffton, IN

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Plan to reserve in Loop A.

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Ouabache is difficult to spell, but easy to pronounce. Simply say 'Wabash'... This is the French spelling of an Miami Indian word, so don't be surprised to hear some folks call it o-ba-chee. Ouabache meaning "it shines white", "pure white", or "water over white stones". It is located 30 miles (48 km) south of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Wabash River runs through the park, which provides fishing and nature viewing. A 100-foot (30 m) fire tower offers an excellent view of the park.

Until the 1960s, when the practice was stopped, it was the greatest producer of chicks of pheasants and quails in the United States, making it known as the "Greatest Wildlife Laboratory in the U.S.". Remnants of some of the old pens can still be seen.

Kunkel Lake offers excellent fishing. For those who remembered meeting Lawrance Morrissey, a kayaker who was killed by a low head dam kayaking accident in 2017. He was also apart of the HHC Leadership Team who had previously suggested Ouabache State Park as an excellent place to camp.


As it gets warmer, expect these sites to fill up quickly. Please reserve your site as early as possible. Be sure to post your site number with your RSVP and let us know if you are looking for anyone to share your site. Each site can have up two sleeping tents or one tent and one camper and can have as many as six occupants.

Please plan to reserve in Loop A, near the comfort station/showers.

Kids are welcome to attend all Happy Camper events unless otherwise stated in the event description. Dogs are also welcome but please be considerate of other campers when deciding if your dog is a good camper (not too noisy, not a biter, etc.) and follow all rules pertaining to pets. Alcohol is consumed at your own discretion but please remember to be respectful where children are concerned and follow appropriate quiet time protocols.

For those who are new to the Happy Campers, here's a brief layout of what you can generally expect on a camping weekend. People begin to arrive at the campground as early as 2:00 pm (first check in time), some not arriving until later in the evening or even until Saturday morning. After folks get their campsites set up, we tend to congregate together around a central fire, where old friends catch up and new friends introduce themselves.

On Saturday's people come and go as they wish, sometimes as a group, sometimes as individuals. Nearby is the town of Ft. Wayne and many people flock to this town for sightseeing and shopping. If you are into hiking, chances are you'll find someone who's up for a hike. Same goes for fishing, geocaching, horseback riding, biking, whatever. And some folks just want to hang around the campground and rest or play games.

On Sunday, people will pack up at their leisure and either head home early or enjoy the afternoon in the park. Check-out in state parks is 5:00 pm on Sundays. Jerry will host a Sunday brunch for those with leftovers or a craving for breakfast or lunch around 1045 am to anyone who wants to participate. Show off your campfire cooking skills or be as fancy or simple as you want to be. Just bring two side dishes or one main course item to share. Please remember to bring a chair, a drink and your table service.

Many campers choose to share sites with others. Typically a camper will book a site and then post with their RSVP what site they have and if they have room for another tent. New campers should rest assured that we are a friendly and very welcoming group. If you need help setting up a tent, you'll get it. If you need to borrow any equipment, let us know, someone will have what you need. Whether you are shy or outgoing, young or old, experienced or a first time camper, I am certain you will not find yourself out of place with the Happy Campers!

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