What we're about

We tend to minimize or compare our stories, thinking "Oh, it wasn't that bad." Or "Others have had it so much worse" but if you have been through any abusive situation this group is for you. This is a group for individuals who are looking for a safe and nonjudgmental place to come together, gain a new perspective of a painful past, resolve old issues that continue to hold us back, and move forward from a place of love rather than fear. We are a group grounded in compassion, optimism, respect, and transformation. We find wisdom within our wounds, treasure within our trauma, and often our greatest life's purpose is revealed in the areas of our greatest pain. Our deepest source of pain may be the very thing that enables us to reach our potential and change our world. (This is not professional therapy which is often needed in cases of trauma and abuse. All group members are 100% responsible for decisions, actions, and overall health and well-being.

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