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The 144 Virtues: Embodying the Virtues to Transform Ourselves and the World.
What are the 144 virtues? What do the ascended masters say about the virtues and their importance to us? This course will assist you in identifying and exploring the 144 virtues and how they relate to the twelve God-qualities on the cosmic clock,* and to the seven chakras. There will be opportunity to discuss what the virtues mean to you personally—the ways you experience them, understand them, envision them, and live them. You will learn how embodying them will accelerate you on your path as an initiate. Each class will focus on one God-quality of the cosmic clock. You are invited to share your insights, knowledge, experience, and examples of each God-quality and the virtues associated with it through a sharing, story, reading, poem, prayer, meditation, artwork, song, music, image, etc. Class 1 Power, Precipitating God’s Divine Plan Class 2 Love, Energy of Forgiveness and Transmutation Class 3 Mastery of the Emotional Plane Class 4 Control of the Flow of Life Class 5 Obedience to the Inner Blueprint Class 6 Wisdom, Illumination of Our Oneness in God Class 7 Harmony, Mastering the Flow in the Four Lower Bodies Class 8 Gratitude, Affirming the Gifts and Graces of the Spirit Class 9 Justice, Equal God-potential in Us All Class 10 Reality, The Real Self as God-Beingness Class 11 Vision, The Inner Vision and Creative Energies Class 12 Victory, The Fulfillment of Being God-Free Starts August 5th, on First Sundays of the month, 2-4 pm Series from Meru University This will be on First Sundays each month for 12 months starting in August. Hopkins, MN 55343 Must RSVP - limited space Please share with anyone who might be interested. Thank you. ILLONA IRIS

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