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Horizen (ZEN) is working with Students for Liberty (SFL) to bring an intro to cryptocurrency event to university campuses around the world. This is a easy way to get introduced to the freedom enhancing, liberty producing, and privacy protecting way of sending payments and messages to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Local SFL leaders get assistance from Horizen to kickstart their local crypto meetups and can continue to hold meetings going forward about many different cryptocurrency topics.

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Horizen and Bitcoin meetup in Cotonou, Benin

Institut Supérrieur de Formation Professionelle

Hosted by Victor Benjamin, Sanni Johnson and Rolf Versluis. Bitcoin and Horizen are new currencies that anyone can use, without permission from authorities. This meetup will help you learn why and how to use cryptocurrencies to make person to person payments, buy from merchants, and send money internationally easily and privately with very low fees. Sponsored by Horizen, the privacy cryptocurrency for everyday use, this meetup is hosted in person by local ASFL hosts, who will be giving away Horizen branded items and assist with Rolf's presentation on Bitcoin and Horizen. Bring a smartphone or laptop computer if you have one, and you may be able to participate in receiving ZEN. A good wallet app for your android or iPhone is Coinomi https://www.coinomi.com/ - make sure you write your recovery phrase and keep it safe. A good wallet app for your computer is available here. Choose Horizen Sphere wallet for your use. There is also web wallet and paper wallet available: https://www.horizen.global/wallets/ More about Horizen: https://www.horizen.global/ More about Students for Liberty: https://www.studentsforliberty.org/programs/africa

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