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This group is about three things: being horrible, playing CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY, and having parties. Pretty much always at the same time. The consumption of alcohol at our events is not required. But it sure helps.

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY (The Game for Horrible People) (™) is a card game which you win by making the funniest evil jokes. There will be references to Dirty Sanchez and scissoring. And much, much worse. You will not stop laughing, and you will hate yourself for it. Then, like any addict, you will seek to hook others into your depravity.

The group organizer (aka 'The Great One' or 'The All-God') rules this group with an iron fist and lovingly sadistic totalitarian zeal. It is vital that you please The Great One. Members who fail to do so will be summarily executed, eaten, and then banished.

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Join us for Cards Against Humanity and laugh away the tears you shed Thursday while eating your turkey alone. We have found virtual/remote CAH quite comparable to in-person play (and no designated driver needed!) We "convene" via Zoom and use a website that hosts the game (allbad.cards) Some other details: Please be sure to change your RSVP if your ability to come / interest changes. I highly recommend joining from a computer (rather than a mobile device,) ideally with 2 monitors. Put the game on one screen, put the Zoom meeting on the other. Or with 1 monitor put the windows side-by-side. Cameras on too, for sure. Connect to the Zoom meeting first and I'll have a link to the game there. We'll use the site All Bad Cards (allbad.cards)

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