What we're about

We're a creative community dedicated to running and participating in story-driven tales of fantasy and/or horror.

We seek to be community based upon Role-playing over Roll-playing in descriptive, atmospheric settings and situations for a scary-good time!

Our meetup offers to be a place for all tabletop roleplaying game enthusiasts, be they seasoned or new to the experience!

If you're looking for a specific game, to find a GM for your players, or to put out feelers for a game you're thinking of running, feel free to look around and/or post, here: https://www.meetup.com/Horror-Roleplaying-Games-Meetup/messages/boards/thread/35644102

And if you're looking to start up a new game and would like to get started and get the word out right away, we offer Event Organizer status so that you can immediately get the ball rolling!

You can find the guidelines for that, here: https://www.meetup.com/Horror-Roleplaying-Games-Meetup/messages/boards/thread/35558942

We hope that you find the scary-fun time that you're looking for and we're always willing to help both GMs and players find or fill a table. Don't be afraid to ask!

Thanks for joining!

See you at the games!

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5th Edition D&D//Tales of the Three Realms

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World of Darkness//Scions//Endless City Blues

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Board Game Convention (also Role Playing events)

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