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OK so time to work on this space and keep it Open, Open, Open.

I am headed towards all things Open.

There are a lot of folks working with open tools. I work with Python and Xububtu and a slew of web dev tools. I learned them like this:


So we need folks and a server that are physically accessible as well as the virtual.

And we need to understand that something is not open if we really pay for it when we buy our machines, phones or something else. Of course nothing is really free but if we can figure out how to be awesome at least we can figure out how to be less bound.

Presentations: If you wish to present, message me with a topic and meetup date you would like to present for.

Sponsorship: Sponsors are greatly appreciated, and will have promotional statements added to our meetup site.


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Be awesome. Show up.

Leonel J Castillo Community Center

Be Meteorific at Castillo. Public wifi is available.

Leonel J Castillo Community Center

Lightning talks

Poetic Systems

Lightning talks

Needs a location

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