What we're about

Welcome to Hounslow’s first confidence and self-esteem meetup group called the Hounslow & West London Confidence Club!

This support network offers meet ups over food, workshops, talks or other practical and fun activities (such as shopping sprees or hikes in the countryside) where we can talk freely about what holds us back from being the truest version of ourselves before others... the version that allows the ‘me’ inside to find full expression in the way I make decisions and behave around others.

Ideal for individuals who:
- already have a goal or objective in mind (i.e. approaching a new relationship, taking on a position of leadership at work, managing difficult people, wearing a special dress, passing exams)
- want to learn more about themselves (i.e. strengths, weaknesses, values, motivators)
- feel their own potential but don’t know how to unleash it
- take it when others put themdown, degrade them, talk over them or ignore their opinions
- use arrogance or act over-confidently to hide deeper insecurities

- need a supportive network of friends encouraging them

- don’t believe in themselves

- are surrounded by negativity and toxic relationships

You can use this space to ask questions or learn from each others’ experiences. In the process you may just learn more about yourself than you have ever done in your past.

Our time will include hints and tips on building your self-confidence with a touch of life coaching or change theory.

Note: this group is not a substitute for professional services dealing with psychological disorders.

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