What we're about

On 30/04/2016, we're organizing a first-of-its-kind House-leaving-Party.
We're (25-30 years) a group of entrepreneurs who don't get much time to socialize.
So, this is basically an experiment to socialize with people, and have a great time.
There are no entry-or-exit charges. Feel free to Drop in, & for free!!!
Bring your own booze if you like, or share ours.
We might make a voluntary contribution if majority feels we need to get some extra booze, or food or anything else.
Drinking is not mandatory, you may drop in for music, chat, dance etc. Just drop in for a change.
We have a poker set which might come handy at the party. You may bring your own games.
If you have Hookah unit, you may want to bring it along. Bring anything else you'd like to have at the party. No restrictions.
No dress codes (You may dress as unusually as possible. Be yourself) , no rules- other than behaving in a socially accepted manner.

That is all.

The party starts at 7pm. It's an all night party.

On girls:
We are a bunch of educated dudes (some are from the best engineering and management colleges in India IIs and IIs.) . Sex ratio is infinitely skewed against girls. i.e., we don't have many in our circle. So, guys-with-girls, and girls-with-girls are invited with both hands folded. If you are a dude, just like us, w/o any girls-friend(s), you may drop in and we'll crib about girls. So, no matter who you are and with whom you are, just drop in.

On security: be your own bodyguard.
However, if anyone is behaving in a socially unacceptable manner, then we'll vote him/her out of the party.
Please note the word, "Vote."

Drop me a mail on 2rohitharlalka@gmail.com if you are interested. I will send you the location.

BTW, the house is in Thane.
It's a House-leaving-party.

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