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Rowena McKee -

Sound Healing Therapy Specialist/Instructor - Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Body-Mind Intuitive-Emotional-Trauma Release Therapist.

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The Art of the Pendulum-Dowsing Online class

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Join Rowena McKee for a fun-filled day where you learn more about YOU! This class will surely delight you with insight into areas of your life that are important to you and your loved ones. This class is for all levels. The pendulum is not used for fortune telling, but for guidance and edification of your life path. It works on the principle of physics called sympathetic resonance. We carry an energy field around us and if a thought, food, action, etc doesn't resonate with our field it becomes an interference, causing disharmony . In this class you will learn how to bring resonance to your body, mind and spirit through the art of the pendulum. We will learn the mechanics of the Pendulum, how it can help your life with plenty of practice time. We will learn about the Morphic Field, the data bank of All that IS and how to tap into it, and how to be neutral and receive. You will be given understanding on how to test for food allergies – supplements that best support your body – Minerals and vitamins you may be lacking. You will be shown how to look into your body systems and organs to see where there is a lack of vitality or issue going on. You will learn how to read your Chakras, and to hone in and ask specific questions that give you the best possible answers for guidance on your journey. Please bring a pendulum to class to work with harmonicsoundsforhealing.com Payment Details: Cost: $125 You must pre-pay to be part of this class -Only those who pre-pay in advance will receive the link that gets you into the class. Paypal @ paypal.me/RowenaMcKee OR Pay Here at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/109912232446

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