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Rowena McKee -

Sound Healing Therapy Specialist/Instructor - Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Body-Mind Intuitive-Emotional-Trauma Release Therapist.

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Sound Healing Tuning Fork Training Basics - Q & A

Online event

Class: Tuning Fork Training Basics - Q & A

Date: Saturday, December 4th - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific Time

If you are interested in learning more about tuning forks or own some tuning forks but aren't quite sure how to use them or need more information and instructions - or are looking to buy some tuning forks, then this class is for you.

Class Tuition: $120
Payment Links
Cash App http://cash.app/$harmonicsound
Paypal https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/RowenaMcKee

In this online class, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain more knowledge about how to use tuning forks. You will be shown techniques, how to find good quality professional tuning forks, and how to use weighted and unweighted tuning forks for health and wellness.
If you already own some tuning forks, please have them available during class and Rowena will show you how to optimize their use to assist the body. You will be given instructions for your own forks including what conditions within the body they help to heal.

If you are a professional such as a massage therapist, reflexologist or work with another modality, you will be given specific directions on how to use your tuning forks to help create the outcomes you would like within your modality.

If you have a specific health or personal issue Rowena will assist you in acquiring the correct tuning forks to help you with your health issue. She will also be going over the different tuning fork training classes she offers that may be of assists in your journey.
Each frequency has different qualities and attributes to assist healing. You will be given this information so you can start using your tuning forks and getting results.

if you don't own any tuning forks, this is your opportunity to ask questions and to gather information to see if this modality is a fit for you.
You will be given an overview of the science of sound. And how sound works on the cells of the body to create healing. This class will be individualized to those attending.

Rowena McKee is a Tuning Fork Therapy Specialist and has been teaching her students how to assist the body, mind, and spirit to heal with tuning forks for over 5 years. harmonicsoundsforhealing.com

Harmonic Sounds for Healing - Basic Level 1 - Tuning Fork Therapy Training

Harmonic Sounds for Healing-Tuning Fork Therapy Training - Online Winter Class 2021, Level One - 2-Day Immersion (6 hours each day)

Continuing Education Credits will be given to the student who require them.

Saturday, January 29 & Sunday, January 30th - from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time each day.

Class Tuition: $325 - Payment must be made in full by January 26th.
payment links:

Cash App http://cash.app/$harmonicsound

Class Tuning Forks: If you wish to purchase the class tuning forks the cost is $225 (8 unweighted tuning forks & 2 weighted tuning forks) These tuning forks are professional quality.
please contact Rowena McKee at [masked]

Purpose of this class:
This class is for those who wish to know more about sound healing therapy using tuning forks. These tuning fork frequencies will be taught for personal use to keep one balanced and in harmony physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It will also be taught for the professional who wants a comprehensive introduction to sound healing, Tuning Fork Training Therapy leading to the creation of or adding to a current healing modality.

More people are recognizing the benefits of Sound Healing for staying healthy, body, mind, and spirit. Sound Healing is one of those modalities that can greatly assist on all levels. Many professionals are also recognizing how sound healing therapy can enhance their practices. Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Counselors, Life Coaches, Reiki Practitioners, EFT Practitioners, Energy Workers, and many other modalities all benefit from Sound Healing Tuning Fork Therapy.

There will be 10 Tuning Forks in this level one class.
These professional quality tuning forks will be available for purchase. We will use a basic tuning fork set that has wide uses and 2 weighted tuning forks that deliver vibration to bone, tissue and assist in relaxation, releasing knots, inflammation, and tension.

Coursework Content:
*Learn the basics of how to use the Solar Harmonic Spectrum 8 pc tuning fork set
* Become proficient with weighted Otto 128 & Om 136.1 for use on the body
*Learn the basics of how to use tuning forks for yourself and for others, and the difference between weighted and unweighted forks.
* Learn to work with two weighted tuning forks that deliver vibrations deep into bone and tissue creating pain relief, relaxation, the release of knots, muscle spasms, and more...
* How to personally use Healing Sound to further physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
*Learn protocols and techniques with the basic tuning fork set for reducing anxiety, calming emotions, grief, digestive issues, a better quality of sleep, reduce pain, nervous system balancing, grounding, centering, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being
*Learn how to balance your Chakra Energy Centers to assist emotional & physical health.
*The power of sound and its ability to heal and facilitate higher states of being.
*Introduction to the science of sound, vibration, fundamental principles, and physics of sound healing.
and more.......
*There will be a content-rich and easy to understand the course manual

for additional information or questions please send an email to Rowena McKee at: [masked]
Website: harmonicsoundsforhealing.com

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