What we're about

"Brooklyn House Music Meetup Group" (also known as House Massive Brooklyn) is a group that meets to celebrate HOUSE MUSIC.

There are FOUR things you need to be able to get and accept in order to be a member of this group.

NUMBER ONE: We love soulful house, deep house, old school house/classic house and disco classics in a modern style (known as "nu disco") and afro house....these are our top favorites.

Some of us like other styles of house also; Euro house, Detroit techno, deep house tracks....we can address those also. but our favorite styles are the first four: (1) soulful house, (2) deep house, (3) old school/classics/nu disco and (4) afro house.

NUMBER TWO: NO discriminating.
It is 2020 but there are still people who do not think we can be black, we can be white, we can be jew or gentile, straight or gay, rich or poor, book smart or life smart....whatever we are is who we are. We can be all of the above and party together with never a fight, arguing....and never a slur of any kind. BE YOURSELF as Danny Teneglia's song and party used to say, and we will accept you as a member.

NUMBER THREE: every meetup will not be free.
Every month we host meetups we call "appreciation parties." This gathering is a way to celebrate together with less "pressure" to dance. It is more of a social mixer vibe-wise to get together and enjoy the music without having to dance....although you can dance.
But there will be meetups we host that cost to get in. We will offer members to get in free in limited quantities when possible, or to have an open bar or give away free merch and even free music but if none of those things are the case the event may simply cost to get in.
We produce MOST of our meetups which means we control the setting but all of our members control the vibe. Getting in free is great but we just want our members to be prepared to pay when it is the case to do so.

NUMBER FOUR: not everyone is going to stay.
That happens with meetups a lot. As long as you come for the music, the people that love the music, a willingness to travel with us to enjoy house locally and way beyond....then you are an ideal member for our group!

Come as you are is an old saying that means not only however you decide to dress but with an open minded attitude. BE YOURSELF. Do you. Come to make friends or meet up with friends you already know. You'll be very happy you did.

In closing.
Brooklyn House Music Meetup Group is officially launching February 11, 2020 in Brooklyn but our group online launches Tuesday, February 4, 2020. We would like all of our members to join us monthly when we do these member meetups because they allow us to get to know one another a little bit. It is in these smaller rooms members can get to know one another.

Hope you'll join us and become an active member of our Brooklyn House Music Meetup!

In music,
DJ Freedom | Founder
Brooklyn House Music Meetup
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