What we're about

This club is for veterans and active duty military looking to invest in real estate, and investors who want to help our military members purchase or invest in housing for veterans.

HOUSING-for-HEROES is a program that creates a Win-Win Solution for everyone.
Veterans purchase a single-family or multifamily property that can be made available for rent to fellow veterans, and rents are paid directly by the VA.

The program allows for veterans interested in real estate investing to use their property to provide housing to fellow veterans with rents paid by the VA.

In simple terms, veterans purchase a home using VA benefits, property is approved by the VA, and then listed for rent to fellow veterans who need a place to stay.

Benefits to Veterans as Landlords:
* Long-term tenancy and on-time rental income
* Payments are received directly from the VA
* Tenant screening through a Program Coach
* Government-sponsored HUD-VASH Program
* Training and assistance every step of the way

Training for the veteran/active duty member includes:
* How to fix and renovate properties by using various contractors, and industry professionals
* How to evaluate properties for investing
* How to expand their property portfolio

Where does the investor come in?
Investors are needed to help secure financing in situations where a property can't be acquired through Conventional or VA loan financing. The property will be acquired by the veteran/active duty member through Hard Money or Private Money financing, rehabbed/renovated, and then refinanced with a VA loan after the renovation.

For more information please click the links below:

Veterans Chamber of Commerce http://www.vccsd.org

HUD-VASH Program http://www.va.gov/homeless/hud-vash.asp

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