Talking Multifamily Investing, Networking, and Much More!


Want to learn the benefits of investing in real estate? This meetup will focus exclusively on what makes real estate investing so lucrative, and why multifamily is considered one of the best and safest asset classes to invest in, and has allowed countless people to build their retirement portfolio! We'll also do a Q&A at the end, allowing people to ask any questions they have.

Agenda will be:
6:30-7:15pm Networking
7:15-8:00pm Presentation and Q&A
8:00-8:30pm Networking

Remember, no sales pitch and no gimmicks. Come to network, stay for the food and drinks, and have a good time - So feel free to join, learn, and ask questions! We will have the back part of the bar, with our own exclusive room. We had a huge turn out last time and look forward to having another!