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This group is for anyone who has a passion, calling, interest, or gifting for Inner Healing. From beginners to seasoned and advanced. This group seeks to be a safe, loving, caring, compassionate group where we can all connect, converge, network, share, grow, and heal through monthly growth groups! Our focus is to train each other in the practice of inner healing. We'll be sharing how God is working and moving in different ways as a Healer. This group will seek to be interactive and practical in sharing, learning, practicing, and diving deeper into various inner healing models. There's a host of information to comb through, videos to watch, book assignments, and discussions to be had. So please join us and get some healing, get loved on, get spiritually empowered, and get trained to lead others into a place of wholeness. If you have a background in something other than Christianity, SO WHAT come anyway! Don't let your fears hold you back. You may learn something new and cool. This is a "GOD IS LOVE" type of group. Come get loved on, valued, and connected with a group of caring individuals :)


-Releasing Trauma stored in the mind body soul

-Healing Fractured Heart Parts

-Techniques to release grief, fear, shame, insecurity, self-hatred, anger, rejection, betrayal, sexual abuse, etc.

-Techniques to release self-defeating beliefs

-Healing Tramatic Memories

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