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What we’re about

Hello and welcome to the group!
We are now doing ONLINE EVENTS ONLY.  
This Meetup group is part of a large Nationwide Network of Meetup groups devoted to Connecting Effectively as Business People and Expanding the Range of Opportunities to Build Business for You. 
The priority is to develop higher quality business opportunities and relationships starting with conversations of discovery and genuine curiosity versus premature sales pitches. 
If you are in network marketing, MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or direct sales that emphasize numbers over relationships or prioritize procedural scripts over building relationships strategically and patiently, this is not the group for you and we highly recommend not attending our events. Reach out to me if you need other resources to network if you fall into this category. 
These events are organized by:
Julie Parker, Speaker, coach, & consultant,
Local Houston Meetup organizer with over 10,000+ members in the greater Houston Area AND 150,000+ members via a larger global networking online organization called the Global Business Communities. 
Unlike other networking communities, we are dedicated to helping you to generate collaborative partnerships and find customers through our generous members. We are up to fostering a spirit of generosity and partnership where people come to our events and find it to be a good use of their time.
We provide high quality training and networking events that are well organized to optimize your networking experience.
Our mission is to aid our community of peers in the domains of business and networking to elevate their economic standing and the level of joy and satisfaction earned in the course of their business. 
Not getting the results you're looking for during networking events (online or in person), or does the concept intimidate you or leave you feeling awkward? Learn to be magnetic, effective, and confident when meeting and connecting with new people. Discover ways to create quality professional relationships and keep them going long-term. Want to learn more? Book a free discovery call with me to see what that would look like.

*PLEASE NOTE: Sharing about your company and products or services is welcome at live in person events when networking with other members. Posting on the group Discussion Board (or a broadcast message) marketing your product or services on this page is prohibited!  Consequences will cause anyone doing so to be removed and blocked from this page, banned from re-joining, reported to MeetUp, and the post will be removed!

More information on Sunil
ALIGNABLE free to join:

Please join our Global Small Business School, where you can learn to network effectively in the USA.

We will be adding other courses soon at this link above; Time management, productivity for entrepreneurs, doing effective and compelling
sales presentations, marketing strategy and much more.  Please go to the link above and join the email list at the bottom of the page if you wish to be alerted.

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Our twice a month Nationwide Business Networking events (we have people from all over USA, Canada and globally attending)
typically get 30-50 attendees (business professionals and owners).
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To get a list of all our business networking and educational groups and to learn about them or join them, please go to  and scroll down to see the list.