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Build Once For Windows Phone and Windows 8

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When you build cross-device applications you want to build it once, have it work across all devices and deliver the best user experience. With Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, the WinRT kernel means that building across devices has never been easier. There are 2 important concepts we need to embrace in order to build the best cross-device applications. We will give you best practices for sharing code, focusing on portable class libraries. Then we’ll show you how to optimize the interfaces to most appropriately target your app for the best user experience while leveraging that shared code.

About Paul Decarlo:

Paul DeCarlo is a Developer Platform Evangelist for Microsoft and founder of WinCoder LLC, a growing software development company with a focus on Windows Phone and Windows 8. He has built multiple successful brands in both the web and mobile space and enjoys sharing his experiences building both software and businesses with upcoming students and professionals. Paul obtained his Master’s in Computer Science at The University of Houston and regularly engages students in the South Central United States with talks / workshops concerning modern application development and also provides presentations to professional developers out of the Microsoft office in Houston Texas.