ICS in the Cloud with Chris Blask

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Just as we've seen in the IT/OT convergence over the past 20+ years, financial and architectural benefits are driving industrial owners/operators to adopt cloud-based technologies, blurring and obsolescing definitions of the "perimeter." This ongoing and inevitable extension of operational control system networks carries a number of security concerns that require reevaluation of how we protect the connected critical assets behind them. Let's talk about how this is being done and what the future holds for ICS cybersecurity.

To sign up for this virtual meetup, go to: https://cs2ai.org/resource. We look forward to you joining us at 10 am EST on April 25th!

What are Virtual Meetups?
The CS2AI Virtual Meetups bring the Subject Matter Experts to you right on your desk or laptop and give you a chance to engage with them live! Each brings one or more SMEs to discuss some area of ICS cybersecurity. We keep these online sessions lively and informal, with at least half of the time allotted to responding to questions from you and our other attendees.

The goal of our Virtual Meetup Series is to provide ICS cybersecurity practitioners, managers, leaders and newbies with useful, productive, and consistent opportunities for professional development. To do that we have recently added the Security Event Retrospective sessions, with panelists sharing their experiences and thoughts on important cybersecurity events. Keep an eye open for the next in this series! Plus, thanks to the support of our Strategic Alliance Partners, the Security Event Retrospectives are open to everyone!