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Houston Chapter Business
We have 2 presentations. As always, snacks will be provided.
1st Speaker:
Presentation title: "Improving Database Application Quality for Optimizing Performance and Controlling Cost"

This presentation will address the DevOps plays in a large enterprise building applications for Db2. Industry expert Craig S. Mullins of Mullins Consulting, Carlos Almeida and Ralph Castaldi from Infotel Corp will give a talk aimed at DBAs, developers and DevOps attendees discussing

· Data management in a large enterprise and industry trends impacting data
· Data storage & operations and the emerging role of DevOps for building enterprise applications
· The problems with database development and change in a DevOps environment
· How to automate code quality assurance for Db2 applications – plus a use case on how a large bank is doing this with software from Infotel Corp USA.

o We would like to also show a couple of slides on Infotel’s product DB/IQ, a solution that helps standardize SQL code for Db2 apps through a standard web browser interface.

2nd Speaker
Presentation title: “Data Virtualization for Hybrid Data Fabrics”

Our session description is as follows:
According to Gartner, “By 2018, organizations with data virtualization capabilities will spend 40% less on building and managing data integration processes for connecting distributed data assets.” This solidifies data virtualization as a critical piece of technology integral to flexible and agile modern data architecture.

Michael Litzkow, Director - TOLA at Denodo, will give a presentation that addresses:
The key patterns and use cases of data virtualization,
The capabilities of data virtualization
How leading companies like Autodesk, Asurion, Seacoast Bank are adopting data virtualization as a critical information management capability to address some of their most pressing integration challenges.​